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General Agency Company has partnered with the CMMA as their Endorsed Insurance Provider for Property and Casualty Insurance to all members thru the use of multiple carriers that specialize in manufacturing. Additionally, General Agency Company is offering a full service platform to our manufacturing clients to address Products Liability, Human Resources, Claims Management, OSHA Updates, as well as Risk Management Services.

Central Michigan Manufacturers Association, serves Central Michigan area manufacturing companies. Membership in the CMMA offers factory tours, scholarship opportunities, networking opportunities, the exchange of ideas with manufacturers facing the same issues and challenges, and insight into how other manufacturers successfully conduct business in our region. The CMMA’s goal is to continue to bring value to membership in the form of unique training opportunities, access to best practices between manufacturers, and facilitate a collective voice in regional government to influence issues impacting manufacturers.

If you would like additional information regarding our service platform for CMMA members, please contact Nate Weisenburger at 989-817-4271, or by email at nweisenburger@ga-ins.com.

MAPSA, or the Michigan Association of Public School Academies, has various goals and services available to serve charter schools across the state of Michigan. The General Agency is proud to partner with MAPSA and EMC Insurance company to provide a comprehensive program that provides not only a competitive insurance program but also, through EMC Insurance Company, an in depth School Loss Prevention Program that helps keep losses to a minimum.

The Michigan Petroleum Association / Michigan Association of Convenience Stores (MPA/MACS) represents the many independently owned petroleum marketers and convenience store owners throughout the state. Membership with the MPA/MACS has many benefits including access to an insurance program designed just for this class of business by EMC and the General Agency Company.

New 2016, MPA/MACS has teamed up with General Agency Company and Virtue Risk Partners to offer a deductible policy for Michigan Underground Storage Tank Authority (MUSTA).

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The Michigan Septic Tank Association's primary purpose is to advance the cause of the many septic tank haulers throughout the state. In addition to the many benefits that you get by becoming a member of the MSTA, you also get access to an insurance program with coverages that were designed for the septage haulers unique needs. The General Agency, along with EMC, are the endorsed insurance providers of the MSTA.

The Michigan Propane Gas Association (MPGA) is a trade and membership service organization, rich in its marketer family businesses that represents propane marketers throughout the state. Founded on April 3, 1947, the MPGA has grown in its influence, while maintaining its core principles of education and safety. The MPGA's primary purpose is to maintain high standards of practice within the industry and, in so doing, protect and expand the ability of its members to compete in the marketplace. The MPGA is dedicated to the betterment of the propane industry and to the customers it serves in Michigan. Since its inception, the MPGA has been supported by its many volunteers who dedicate their time for the betterment of the industry.