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Nothing is more comforting than safeguarding your future. This kind of reassurance is at the heart of the experienced insurance counsel you will find with the General Agency Company. Located in Central Michigan, we are a fifth-generation, family owned and operated business expertly serving the personal and commercial needs of individuals, families, businesses and organizations nationwide since 1915.

General Agency and Benefit Consulting Group Merger Flyer

General Agency Company & Benefit Consulting Group to Join Forces.

General Agency Company announced that it will merge with Benefit Consulting Group, an employee benefit, third-party administration firm located in Mt. Pleasant, MI. Benefit Consulting Group, owned by Doug Janes, provides flexible benefit cafeteria plans and individual insurance, as well as FSA, HRA, HSA programs and employee group health, life, disability, and long-term care. General Agency anticipates that this merger will not only strengthen the suite of services currently offered to clients, but also will create new opportunities for them.

The new structure, effective April 2016, will add to the exclusive niche programs that GA has offered to its clients locally, throughout Michigan, and across the United States.

Celebrating 100 Years

Being in business for 100 years means a lot to any business. For General Agency, it's a measurement of the postive impact we have had on our community. As a family owned business, we have always been active in our community. To show our gratitude for our 100th anniversary, we held multiple events, sponsorships, and even awarded grants to help our communtiy grow together.

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